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Baghouse - Tubejet Application examples

Pulse-Jet Dust Collectors Handle Particulate from Silica Sand Operations.

Two TubeJet® dust collectors have been successfully employed by a major sand producer.

Two 20,000 CFM TubeJet filters collect silica sand dust at this sand processor. The first vents the screening plant, while another (shown in photo) handles the dust from a bagging facility.

TubeJet collectors have a top bag removal design, which allows easy changing from the clean air side, reducing silica exposure.

Dust Collector to Handle Particulate from Silica Sand Production

Pulse Jet Filters Dust from Rubber Compounding

PulseJet Filters Collect Dust from Rubber Compounding

A new TubeJet dust collector has been successfully employed by this rubber compounder to collect dust from the manufacturing process. The collector ventilates Banbury mixers and their assorted feed systems, removing carbon black and various binders and fillers. System volume is 21,200 CFM at a 4.9:1 air-to-cloth ratio using 380 gram singed polyester bags.

TubeJet collectors offer 'no tool' top removal of filter bags and a convenient walk-in clean air plenum for easy maintenance and bag changing.

Pulse-Jet Dust Collector Eliminates Cyclone in Heavy Loading Application

Takes Less Space; Has Less Pressure Drop, Less Maintenance

A new Sly TubeJet® dust collector has been successfully used to collect limestone dust at this processor. The unit uses a special settling chamber designed to eliminate the need for a cyclone pre-filter, which is traditionally employed in similar heavy loading applications. Instead of a cyclone, dust enters the collector via a high side inlet which reduces the settling velocity, letting the dust drop out of the air stream. With less suspended dust, wear on the filter bags is reduced.

The TubeJet vents a rotary limestone dryer. Air volume is 16,860 ACFM at 187ƒF; air-to-cloth ratio is 5:1. By eliminating the cyclone, the collector has also reduced the total system pressure drop, and eliminated cyclone maintenance and cyclone space considerations.

Dust collector to collect limestone dust

Dust collector to collect rubber dust from grinding process

New Compact Dust Collector Vents Rubber Grinding Process

High Side Inlet Design Accommodates Cyclone Without Adding to Footprint Size

A Sly TubeJet® dust collector has been employed to collect rubber dust from the grinding process at this rubber roller manufacturer. The collector employs a high side inlet, which accommodates a cyclone pre-cleaner without extensive additional ductwork or the need to enlarge the system’s footprint. The cyclone reduces the chance of sparks from the grinding process entering the baghouse, a situation that created numerous fires for the previous dust collection system.

Sly provided both the dust collector and cyclone collector. System volume is 5200 CFM at an air-to-cloth ratio is 7.2:1. TubeJet collectors offer “no tool” top removal of filter bags and a convenient walk-in clean air plenum for easy maintenance and bag changing.

If you're unsure which dust collection system would best suit your application contact our technical sale team today by clicking here. We have over 100 years experience in creating clean air solutions. We've provided clients with custom fit air filtration systems worldwide covering all major industries. Rely on Sly for a cost effective air filtration solution that's right for you. Contact us here.

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