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Baghouse - Tubejet Pulse jet dust collectors

Sly TubeJet dust collectors offer you on-line cleaning with a steady pressure drop. Bag changes are exceptionally easy with our "no tools required " design.

We offer a full range of collector designs and media choices to solve the toughest pollution control problems involving high temperatures, pressures and corrosives. Capacities to 200,000+ CFM.

TubeJet pulse jet dust collectors are easy to install plus they come complete with

  • Factory installed timer with conduit and wired solenoids
  • Factory installed air header
  • Pulse valves complete with tubing.

TubeJet pulse jet dust collectors and baghouses are easy to install. They come complete with a factory installed timer with conduit and wired solenoids, and factory installed air header and pulse valves complete with tubing. Rugged construction is standard. All-welded baghouses fabrications for operation to ±20″ WG (rectangular models, top (STJ) and side (SBR)); 11 gauge, 12 vertical wire cages are standard. TubeJet collectors are Sly’s most versatile line of baghouses.

Rugged construction is standard. All-welded fabrication for operation to ±20" WG (rectangular models); 11 gauge, 12 vertical wire cages are standard. Top and side bag models are available.

For demanding high pressure/high vacuum applications, we offer two styles of cylindrical dust collectors: top and side dust collector bag designs. Each features all welded construction for up to 14.7 psi. Explosion containment or ASME code designs are also available.

All baghouses are available with a wide variety of special features:

  • special bag diameters
  • special nozzles and fittings
  • alloy construction
  • custom hopper configurations
  • special support structures
  • custom inlets
  • broken bag detectors
  • temperature sensors
  • internal polishing
  • custom outlet ducts and stacks
  • special paints (zinc chromate, epoxies, color matching)
  • explosion protection

Contacting us for advice.

If you are unsure as to which type of dust collector would suit your specific requirements please click here to contact us for advice from our technical sales team. You can also view our Dust Collector Application Examples to see how some of our current clients are benefiting from the experience of our knowledge and design.

Download our Tubejet Pulse Jet Dust Collector Brochures in PDF format

  • Download our TubeJet Brochure
  • Download our TubeJet CBR Series Brochure
  • Download our TubeJet CTR Series Brochure
  • Download our TubeJet SBR Series Brochure
  • Download our TubeJet STJ Series Brochure

Tubejet Pulse Jet Dust Collector
Pulse Jet Dust Collector Drawing
Pulse Jet Dust Collector Filter Cartridge
Baghouse Pulse Jet Dust Collector Image

If you're unsure which dust collection system would best suit your application contact our technical sale team today by clicking here. We have over 100 years experience in creating clean air solutions. We've provided clients with custom fit air filtration systems worldwide covering all major industries.

Rely on Sly for a cost effective air filtration solution that's right for you. Contact us here.
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