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Wet Scrubbers

How a wet scrubber works in brief.

Wet scrubbers work by adding a scrubbing liquid, which is usually water, in to the contaminated gas stream. The gas stream can be contaminated with particulate, gas or a combination of both. Particulates and/or gases that are in the gas stream are collected in the scrubbing liquid. They are very effective at removing paricles as well as gases from exhauset streams created during any industrial type of environment.

Sly Filters manufactuer three types of scrubber for air pollution control; the Impingement scrubber, the Venturi scrubber and the Eductor scrubber. Each one is designed for different applications and we can advise you which scrubber is best suited for your particular application. A wet gas scrubber from Sly Filters is designed and built using all of our 130+ years of air pollution control equipment manufacturing experience. This provides you with a system that is unrivalled by any other wet scrubber manufacturer.


Impingment Wet Scrubbers

Sly Impinjet wet gas scrubbers clean, cool and absorb odours, vapours and gases as well as collect particulates. High collection efficiencies (98+% @5 microns) are achieved with low water consumption and minimum pressure drop. Capacities to 200,000+ CFM.

Highly resistant to fouling, the Impinjet wet scrubber is the ideal scrubber for applications requiring both absorption and particulate removal.

Constructed in either metal or plastic, each scrubber stage acts as a discreet fractional collector. Multiple stage scrubber designs are available to maximize efficiencies

Impinjet Wet Scrubber

Venturi Wet Scrubbers

The Venturi Scrubber is made up of three sections which include a converging section, a throat (Venturi Throat) and a diverging section. It is able to perform its scrubbing action as the inlet gas stream enters the first section (the converging section) which causes the gas velocity to increase. It's at this point liquid enters at either the throat section or the converging section.

The inlet gas is forced to move at very high velocities due to the narrow throat section which causes a large number of tiny droplets to form. As the inlet gas stream mixes with these tiny droplets of water in the throat section it causes particulate and gas to be removed from the inlet gas stream. As the inlet gas continues to pass through the scrubber it slows down due to the divergence section.

A venturi is capable of collecting gaseous pollutants, as well as particulate, but it is more effective when removing particulate. Designs are available for high temperature, highly corrosive applications and Venturi scrubbers can be coupled with Impinjet scrubbers to achieve maximum efficiencies. Click Here for more information about our Venturi Wet Scrubbers

Venturi Scrubber

Eductor Wet Scrubbers

Eductor scrubbers are designed to remove soluble gases and particulate by inducing a gas flow using high pressure liquid focussed into a Venturi throat. Additionally, Eductor scrubbers can be used for direct-contact condensation.

A high liquid flow rate makes the Sly Eductor particularly appropriate for collection of sticky and/or gummy particulate, as well as gases which decompose upon contact with water, such as SiCl4 and H2SiF6


For a quote or further advice on how a wet scrubber from Sly could benefit your air filtration requirements contact us today. Our contact details are below as well as a convenient online contact form.
Eductor Wet Scrubber

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