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Venturi Wet Scrubber

The Venturi Scrubber offers more advantages in separating and recovering liquid mists and ultra-fine particulate than other gas cleaning methods.

A Wetted Throat Venturi Scrubber

Known as a wetted throat Venturi Scrubber, this type of scrubber can have the scrubbing liquid injected at either the converging section or the throat. The liquid coats the throat of the venturi which makes it highly effective for handling hot, dry inlet gas that contains dust and particulate. If the throat wasn’t wetted the dust and particulate would begin to build up (cake one) or cause damaging abrasion to the throat.

A Non-Wetted approach is slightly different to the above version as the scrubbing liquid is introduced just before the throat so it doesn’t coat the throat surface. This version is best applied when the inlet stream is both moist and cool.

A Venturi Scrubber can handle inlet flows flows of 100,000+ CFM. For flow rates higher than this we recommend the use of additional baffles as it is can be difficult to achieve a uniform distribution of liquid inside the Venturi.

Particle Collection

A Venturi Scrubber is the most commonly used scrubber for particulate collection and they have the highest efficiency rate for particulate collection of any wet scrubbing system. Although Venturis can be used to for removing gaseous pollutants from the inlet stream they are not recommended if this is the only pollutant that requires removing. Please click here to contact us for advice on which scrubbing system is best suited to your particular application. We've been manufacturing dust collection systems since 1874..

Low Maintenance

Simple in design, yet highly efficient, the Venturi wet scrubber incorporates features calculated to maximize collection efficiency while minimizing operating and maintenance costs. They range from a non-plugging, trouble-free method of introducing scrubbing liquid and a simple, easily-adjusted throat for optimizing efficiency, to a flooded elbow arrangement that collects agglomerated particulate while providing an abrasion-resistant barrier to deter scrubber wear.

Lower Running Costs

Extremely important in these days of rising energy costs is an adjustable pressure drop provision and energy regain feature which combine to reduce power consumption and operating costs. Our Venturis offer you this feature.

Reclaim Valuable Waste Materials

The Sly Venturi scrubber serves industry in several ways by removing pollutants present in process gas streams. This includes removing hazardous and nuisance dusts, fumes and mists from stack gases as well as cleaning process gas streams to remove oils, dusts and other particulate.

Finally, the Venturi Scrubber also offers industry an opportunity to recycle these gases as fuels or process raw materials which can result in significant process savings.

We've been manufacturing dust collection systems since 1874 and have provided air filtration systems to clients all over the world in industries ranging from oil and gas, chemical, pharmaceutical, tobacco production, nuclear, food processing, water treatment plus many others. We are experts in the field of industrial air pollution control and every system that we design and manufacture, in our own workshop in the UK, benefits from our 130+ years of experience.

Contact Sly Filters today for a cost effective, reliable, filtration system that is designed and built to your exact application.


Venturi Wet Scrubber
Venturi Wet Scrubber Drawing

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